Friday, July 1, 2011

I am pleased to announce...

that I have my ticket home!!! :-) I am flying home to GDL on July 26th. I am THRILLED! I haven't seen my husband in months!
I told Jorge that I am flying in on July 29th, but his parents and I have it planned out for them to pick my up when I fly in on Tuesday... And then, since they will be going to visit on Wednesday (like they do EVERY week) I will just show up with them... His mom said "You better bring some smelling salts to wake him back up, because when he sees you he is going to be so excited he will pass out!!!" LOL
Needless to say, I am very happy about it too...


  1. Yay! What a happy moment, having a date to go home. I have been here only a week but bought my ticket home yesterday for Oct 1st. It is nice to know the when..

  2. I have been here since April, and trust me, it is REALLY nice to know when I'm going home!!! Where are you headed back to mama?

  3. Rhonda, we about 3hrs west of Guadalajara (it is the closest big city to us) small town called El Grullo

  4. Hey Rhonda sorry I have not been commenting on your blog since I started following but blogger has been giving me trouble and I was not able to comments on some of the blogs I follow, but is working again. Yeah!!
    Anywho I just wanted to say How happy I am for you the both of you. Cant wait to hear about his reaction when he sees you.

  5. LOL I can't wait to see either... I just have to keep it a secret until then! I almost spilled the beans last night... LOL