Monday, August 1, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

It's been quite awhile since I have posted! Life got pretty crazy at the end of my time in the US. It was hard taking the boys home- making the 10 hour trip on a day that was extremely hot- 100 degrees- didn't help, nor was it a wonderful thing when the air conditioning died! We stopped every hour or so to have the boys wet their shirts down, so they didn't get heat exhaustion, but it was still really hard on them!
I flew home to Guadalajara on the 26th of July. I boarded the train in Waterloo Indiana- a half hour from Mom's house- two hours late, praying they would still get me to the airport in Chicago on time. We pulled in to Union Station only 45 minutes late- somehow the conductor made up a significant  chunk of time during the trip, and that helped me get to the airport with a little time to spare. God is good!
I had an hour layover in Atlanta, where I realized that there were two others traveling all the way to GDL with me from Chicago. That was the first time anyone ever made the whole trip with me. I really didn't think there was much likelihood of that happening all the way from Chicago, but it was nice to see familiar faces the whole way... We all three had a hard time finding our gate- it was nice to know I wasn't the only one feeling lost!
I didn't realize how much I have missed being surrounded by the Spanish language until we all sat down at the gate and the babel surrounding us started to separate into individual voices- all speaking Spanish! It felt like a relief to me. This might seem strange to some of my readers, but it was definitely a feeling of belonging for me, in spite of being the only guera in the whole waiting area! LOL
We came into Guadalajara out of grey storm clouds, over the beautiful green mountains and big lakes of water that weren't here when I left. I love the rainy season here! The city was like a gem from above, all the jumble of roads and buildings and LIFE running together, creating a teeming mass of humanity- HOME.
Jorge wasn't able to meet me at the airport, but his family was there- our niece and nephew came running when I walked out of the secure area, smothering me in hugs and kisses, nearly knocking me off my feet with their enthusiasm!
We arrived at the house and the phone rang almost immediately- my husband has an amazing sense of timing, and he knew somehow we'd be home. I fell asleep that night exhausted from the travel, but feeling very blessed to be back here, where we can build our lives...
Jorge graduates from his program on Wednesday, and he still has no idea about his party, even though he did find out I was coming home early. My husband will be home in two days- I can't wait! :-)
God is good!

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