Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Law Felt 'Round the World...

Most of the people who visit this blog are people like us- people who have been affected by harsh immigration laws, that in many cases have led to families being torn apart by deportations of the forced exile of American citizens who refuse to let go of their foreign-born spouse...
As part of an effort to convince President Obama to make changes to unfair immigration laws in the US, a group of ladies has put together a FaceBook group called Border Love. The goal of this group is to get as many families' stories together as possible, organize them, and send them ALL to the president. We need our voices to be heard and we need to put a FACE on the faceless immigration issue! Our lawmakers need to know that this is destroying the stability of American families. Please show your support by contacting Border Love at this URL:!/profile.php?id=100002547773453
I will be adding our account of how immigration has affected our family to the collection. For those concerned about security, all information will be strictly confidential, and we are asking that you only include first names and not locations when you are writing your own personal story. There is an email address provided on the Border Love site where you will send your story. Please let the girls at Border Love know to expect it.
Our government was formed on the basis of BY the people, FOR the people. Let's make our voices heard and show our leaders that WE THE PEOPLE will not stand for the destruction and blatant disregard of our families! UNITED, we CAN! 

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