Thursday, June 23, 2011

To Have and To Hold...

Yesterday marked the 8 month anniversary of our wedding. We had been planning our wedding for awhile, and had set a date of November 6th, but since he was still going to be in ICE custody the day we had planned, we moved the date up... We had a rather unique wedding: I was in my living room in Michigan, Jorge was in detention in Wisconsin. Our pastor agreed to marry us by phone... We had witnesses, I wore a white dress and my matron of honor surprised me by bringing me a bouquet- she said "no bride can get married without flowers!" Our ceremony was simple- a few words from the pastor as we all sat on my floor, then we exchanged vows we wrote ourselves. He said his in English; I recited mine in Spanish. It was a wonderful day, because I finally got to be his wife, but we spent our wedding night in separate beds, hundreds of miles apart, cold and alone. (Jorge commented the next day that he never thought he'd spend his wedding night with 50 men! LOL)
Yesterday marked the 8 month anniversary of the occasion, and once again we are apart. We talked last night and it was nice to at least have that time. We talked about how we will celebrate when I get home- he is a romantic man and I love his idea of flowers, going to a nice Italian place, dancing to smooth sax jazz, and taking a moonlight walk...! (Eat your hearts out ladies- he's MINE! hehe)
I wish I could be in his arms, but I am now counting down days- I was thinking of flying down on the 29th, but the flight prices that day have doubled, so when I buy my ticket next week I will try to get one for the Tuesday before- which means I can surprise him the next day! (I'm going to try not to tell him I'm coming early! LOL) If I go that Tuesday, I only have 34 days left!!!
Which brings me to my next big topic... How do you plan an event from another country?! Jorge graduates his program the following Wednesday (Aug 3!) and I want to surprise him with a party that night. I thought we could invite all of our friends and family in GDL and meet at Chili's in Plaza del Sol, and celebrate how awesome my husband is! My problem is coordinating this thing- I did finally manage to get an email for the manager at Chili's and I am waiting to hear back from him... I am just really proud of my husband and I want him to know it! He has accomplished so much and I think he is worth celebrating! He deserves to know he is loved and appreciated and that we are all proud of him! So if anyone has any advice for planning something like this from three thousand miles away, I'd be happy to listen! :-)
And on that note, I hope everyone has a great night!


  1. I know it is painful in the moment, but your wedding is such a special story to pass down. It is just the perfectly unique story to captivate grandchildren--who hopefully will be looking upon our treatment of immigrants in a manner similar to how we look upon segregation.

    And I am so jealous that you will be in Mexico before me! Only by days, but still, each day is eons for me right now, waiting to get back to him. He is lucky to have someone who is so dedicated as to plan a party from another country!

  2. Thanks! I am not going to tell him about this blog until after I get there- because then he'll read what I am doing! LOL
    I think on our anniversary we might have a ceremony, in place of the one that was stolen from us... I don't care if we do it here (in the US) or there (in Mexico)- wherever we are at the time works for me! :-) I would just love to wear the dress for him... It hangs in my closet and he still has never seen it...
    As far as planning the party from here- I sent an email to the manager who's helping me coordinate all of this, and explained that our guests will be there before we will, because it is a surprise for my husband... He replied by asking if they can decorate an area for us! LOL I think I might tell him they can... hehehe What are your thoughts?

  3. Decorate definitely! They go all out for the smaller graduations, and this is one you'll both want to remember. Lots of picture, fancy clothes, the whole nine yards.

    For your anniversary, I say have a ceremony. You have an awesome story already, but now it's time for y'all to have the picture perfect ending.

  4. Happy Anniversary. I am so sorry you have to spend it apart. I know what that is like, but i can't imagine being married apart.

    Your right about flight prices. I bought 2 ticket from guadalajara to seattle on thurs mornign for this sat and it was the cheapest i have ever paid.

  5. Rebecca! What airline did you use? Do you mind me asking how much you paid? I am looking at one-way prices and it will be a little less than $200 after taxes and everything. That's with Delta...

  6. And I agree about the graduation- I definately feel like this should be an all-out thing! :-)
    For our ceremony, I think we'll go with simple but elegant... I'll keep ya'll posted on that as things develop!!!

  7. We paid $218 after taxes one way to Seattle on Delta. It is not a direct flight (there never are) For me that is a good price, i usually pay between $250 and $300 (not a huge differance, but it is me and my son so with 2 tickets it adds up)

  8. I understand completely, Rebecca! It will be just me flying and I am hoping that I can keep the ticket around $200 or less... Here's hoping!!! :-)